Non-technical descriptions of our work in Chile

Taking the fingerprint of active volcanoes – article (pdf) in International Innovation, published by Research Media (Jan 2014).

Discussion of sub-glacial volcanism (November 2013)

Views of the volcanoes of southern Chile from the air (August 2013)

Chaiten – anniversary of the 2008 eruption (May 2013)

Field report describing our work on Mocho Choshuenco (January 2013)

Introduction to southern Chile (January 2013)

Discussion of ice-contact volcanism in Chile (November 2012)

Discussion of the links between earthquakes and volcanism in southern Chile (November 2012)

Scientific papers that we have written on the volcanoes of southern Chile (since 2003)

M Van Daele, J Moernaut, L DoomE BoesK Fontijn, K HeirmanW VandoorneD Hebbeln, M Pino, R UrrutiaR BrümmerM De Batist, 2015, A comparison of the sedimentary records of the 1960 and 2010 great Chilean earthquakes in 17 lakes: Implications for quantitative lacustrine palaeoseismology. Sedimentology (in press), doi: 10.1111/sed.12193

H Rawson, JA Naranjo, V Smith, K Fontijn, DM Pyle, TA Mather, H Moreno, 2015, The frequency and magnitude of post-glacial explosive eruptions at Volcan Mocho-Choshuenco, southern Chile. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, doi:10.1016/j.jvolgeores.2015.04.003 [Open Access]

TJ Browning, K Stone, H Bouman, TA Mather, DM Pyle, M Moore, V Martinez-Vicente, 2015,  Volcanic ash supply to the surface ocean – remote sensing of biological responses and their wider biogeochemical significance, Frontiers in Marine Science doi: 10.3389/fmars.2015.00014 [Open Access]

S Bertrand, R Daga, R Bedert, K Fontijn, 2014, Deposition of the 2011-2012 Cordon Caulle tephra (Chile, 40 S) in lake sediments: implications for tephrochronology and volcanology, Journal of Geophysical Research (Earth Surface), 119, 25552573, doi:10.1002/2014JF003321..

TJ Browning, HA Bouman, GM Henderson, TA Mather, DM Pyle, C Schlosser, EMS Woodward, CM Moore, 2014, Strong responses of Southern Ocean phytoplankton communities to volcanic ash, Geophysical Research Letters 41, 2851-2857  doi: 10.1002/2014GL059364

J Moernaut, M Van Daele, K Heirman, K Fontijn, M Strasser, M Pino, R Urrutia, M De Batist, 2014, Lacustrine turbidites as a tool for quantitative earthquake reconstruction: New evidence for a variable rupture mode in south central Chile, Journal of Geophysical Research, 119, 1607-1633,  doi:10.1002/2013JB010738.

K Fontijn et al., 2014, Late Quaternary tephrostratigraphy of southern Chile and Argentina, Quaternary Science Reviews, 89, 70-84.   doi:10.1016/j.quascirev.2014.02.007  [Open Access]

M van Daele, J Moernaut, G Silversmit, S Schmidt, K Fontijn, K Heirman, W Vandoome, M De Clercq, J van Acker, C Wolff, M Pino, R Urrutia, SJ Roberts, L Vincze, M de Batist, 2014, The 600 yr eruptive history of Villarrica volcano (Chile) revealed by annually laminated lake sediments, Geological Society of America, Bulletin doi:10.1130/B30798.1

SFL Watt, DM Pyle, TA Mather, JA Naranjo, 2013, Arc magma compositions controlled by linked thermal and chemical gradients above the subducting slab, Geophysical Research Letters 40, 2550-2556.

SFL Watt, DM Pyle, TA Mather, 2013, Evidence of mid- to late-Holocene explosive rhyolitic eruptions from Chaiten volcano, Chile, Andean Geology 40, 216-226. [Open Access]

SFL Watt, DM Pyle, TA Mather,  2013, The volcanic response to deglaciation: evidence from glaciated arcs and a reassessment of global eruption records, Earth-Science Reviews 122, 77-102.

SFL Watt, DM Pyle, JA Naranjo, G Rosqvist, M Mella, TA Mather,H Moreno, 2011, Holocene tephrochronology of the Hualaihue region (Andean southern volcanic zone, ~ 42 S), southern Chile. Quaternary International (INTREPID volume), 246, 324-343.

SFL Watt, DM Pyle, TA Mather, 2011, Geology, petrology and geochemistry of the dome complex of Huequi volcano, southern Chile. Andean Geology 38, 335-348. [Open Access]

F Alfano, C Bonadonna, ACM. Volentik, CB Connor, SFL Watt, DM Pyle, LJ Connor, 2011, Tephra stratigraphy and eruptive volume of the May, 2008, Chaitén eruption, Chile, Bulletin of Volcanology 73, 613-630.

RS Martin, SFL Watt, DM Pyle, TA Mather, NE Matthews, RB Georg, JA Day, T Fairhead, MLI Witt, BM Quayle, 2009, Environmental effects of ashfall in Argentina from the 2008 Chaiten volcanic eruption, Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 184, 462-472.

SFL Watt, DM Pyle, JA Naranjo and TA Mather, 2009, Landslide and tsunami hazard at Yate volcano, Chile, as an example of edifice destruction on strike-slip fault zones, Bulletin of Volcanology 71, 559-574.

SA Carn et al., 2009, The unexpected awakening of Chaiten volcano, Chile. EOS Trans AGU 90, 205-212

SFL Watt, DM Pyle, TA Mather,RS Martin, NE Matthews, 2009, Fallout and distribution of volcanic ash over Argentina following the May 2008 explosive eruption of Chaiten, Chile, Journal of Geophysical Research (Solid Earth) 114, B04207

SFL Watt, DM Pyle , TA Mather, 2009, The influence of Great Earthquakes on volcanic eruption rate along the Chilean subduction zone, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 277, 399-407.

TA Mather, VI Tsanev, DM Pyle, AJS McGonigle, C Oppenheimer, AG Allen, 2004, Characterization and evolution of tropospheric plumes from Lascar and Villarrica volcanoes, Chile. Journal of Geophysical Research (Atmospheres), 109, D21303

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